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Training en Congo

EPAF is committed to strengthening the capacity of both the State and civil society to conduct rigorous investigations into cases of forced disappearances and extrajudicial excutions. To achieve this objective, EPAF offers forensic training programs to prosecutors, judges, and members of human rights organizations both in Peru and around the world.

Through EPAF’s field-based training programs, participants learn effective practices for collecting antermortem data on the disappeared, recovering evidence from a crime scene, conducting an exhumation, analyzing human remains, and interpreting results from ADN analysis.
To date, EPAF’s forensic training program has increased the investigative capacity of counterparts in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, the Philippines, Nepal, Brasil and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


EPAF conducts forensic anthropology investigations of clandestine graves to fulfill both the interests of justice and the humanitarian needs of victims’ families. Through these investigations, EPAF is able to both provide evidence for judicial prosecutions and help to identify victims so that their families may recover their remains, give them a dignified burial, and again an important sense of closure regarding their deaths.

Training in Congo